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How to add new user

Written by Anton Resko
Updated 8 months ago

To add a new user manually, go to the "Account Management" view, open the "People" section and click on the "Send invitations" button.
In the window that opens, specify the email address of one or more users, to which group you want to add them, and click on the "Send invitation" button. If necessary, you can edit the invitation text.

Next, the user will receive an email with a link to register. He needs to follow this link and enter his first and last name in the window that opens, as well as come up with a password. After that, the user will be able to log into the account.

After adding a user, you can proceed to fill out the profile of this employee in the "Persons" section.

In the people list, you can track the status of the user (Invitation sent or Active). You also have the option to "Resend the invitation" or "Copy the invitation link" to send it manually.

Users can also be added to the system automatically as a result of importing "People." More details about import in the article How to import people.

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