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Why I can't see imported data?

Written by Anton Resko
Updated 8 months ago

If, after importing users, you find that not all data from the file has been loaded into the system, please make sure that the file for importing data has been prepared correctly.

Below we have listed the reasons why the data could not be loaded into the system:

File format.

The imported file must be in .xlsx format

The structure of the template has been changed.

The structure of the file with the imported data must correspond to the structure of the template that you download on the import page. You cannot add or remove columns from the import template, or change from headers.

Incorrect data format in individual columns.

Check if the format of the data you are importing matches the format specified in the template hints. For example, in the column "Start date" all data must be in the Date format. In the "Type of Employment" column, two values ​​can be used: Full-time and Part-time.

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