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How to turn on Microsoft 365 integration?

Written by Anton Resko
Updated 1 year ago

Paser connection to Microsoft 365 can be activated by any user in the Administrators group.

To activate integration:

  1. in Paser go to Manage profile

  2. select your company account

  3. in Integrations area in Microsoft 365 section press Connect New to set up integration

  4. choose your Microsoft 365 account with full access to read all groups with their member and users full profiles

  5. submit access to data

  6. in Paser dialog screen set up groups of users to import and synchronization schedule

Schedule of synchronization set up in CRON format. You can set it up here https://crontab.guru/

To manually start synchronization - in the Integrations area in Microsoft 365 section press Synchronize now

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