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Leave management quick start guide

Written by Anton Resko
Updated 8 months ago

Starting the Leave management process block is straightforward. We recommend doing this in the following order:

Step 1: Ensure that the installed Leave management services comply with your company's policies. If necessary, please contact us, we will help with the selection and configuration!

Step 2: Set up calendars on the system. More details here.

Step 3: Configure Leave policies. More details here.

Step 4: Prepare a file with the balance of employee vacations for a specific date, according to the Excel template, which you can find under the "Import data" link in the "People" section.

Step 5: Download the prepared file to the system. More details here.
After import, we recommend that you view the imported data (balances will be displayed in the user profile), activate 2-3 user accounts with different roles, and make sure that access rights are correctly assigned.

All is ready!
Now you can invite employees to work in the system! We recommend that you first communicate to employees about the purpose of the system, rules of use, specifics of regulations, etc. Consult with us about such activities, our managers have vast experience and they will certainly suggest something interesting! :)

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