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Anonymity in Paser.io

Written by Anton Resko
Updated 4 months ago

Paser.io is a technology platform that helps to create more responsive, fulfilling, and productive workplaces. It enables you to instantly and anonymously share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas with your organization’s leadership. To explain how Paser.io works, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear.

What is the 🙈 Anonymity threshold?

The anonymity levels control the minimum number of individual employees that must be, either part of a specific survey, or have answered a survey over a given time period in order to have aggregate data shown. This is used to ensure the anonymity of employees.

If, for example, it is equal to 5, then:

  • a minimum of 5 completed interviews are required to display the results

  • if the survey administrator wants to view the survey results in the context of a certain segment (department, work experience, gender, etc.), at least 5 completed interviews with a participant in such a segment are required

A lower threshold means less relative anonymity, but may be required for small teams.

To ensure anonymity for participants, the minimum value that can be set in Paser is 3.

Are my interview answers really anonymous?

In Paser, we believe that anonymity is very important to ensure that everyone is heard on an equal basis and that you never feel uncomfortable about your concerns.

After the interview is complete, the answers to the questions will never be linked to the names of the employees. Neither your coworkers, manager, anyone else in the organization, nor us at Paser can see who provided any specific response or feedback. In small groups, they are aggregated, so it is impossible to identify individuals.

If it's anonymous, how then do I get reminders to take the survey?

There is an important difference between your anonymity in terms of taking the survey and the anonymity of reviews for your company. Paser monitors the status of each person's responses to a survey, so, for example, to know if you need to be reminded of unanswered questions, but information about the answers ourselves is not visible to anyone. It will be available in aggregated form and only subject to the anonymity threshold.

At Paser, we take privacy very seriously. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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