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How to import People

Written by Anton Resko
Updated 8 months ago

To proceed to import, you need to click the Import data button in the People section.

Follow three easy steps to import.

Step 1: Download the import template.

Step 2: Fill in the template with the data about the people that you want to import into the system.

When filling out the template, pay attention to the correctness of filling in the columns:
- Work email - a required column. Specify the email of the employee for whom the information on personal policies is imported
In the columns listed below, indicate the name of the policy that should be set as personal for the employee.
- Personal policy: Vacation
- Personal policy: Day off
- Personal policy: Sick leave (no certificate)
- Personal policy: Sick leave (with a certificate)
- Personal policy: Work from home

Important: All policies must be added to the system before importing. If default policies apply for some types of employee holidays, just leave those cells blank.

💡Hint Please follow the instructions in the spreadsheet and do not add additional columns as the program does not recognize them.

Step 3: Load the file with prepared data about people and start import by clicking on the Start import button.
Upon completion of the import, you will receive a message on the screen and you can download a file with detailed information about the import results. 

💡Hint Check out the reasons why the data might not be loaded into the system.

As a result of the import, new persons will be created based on the imported data or existing persons will be updated.

If the system already has a Person with the same email that is indicated in the Working email column, the data for such a person will be updated:

  • New fields will be filled in fields that were not previously filled in
  • If the field was filled in earlier, its value will be updated after import
  • If the field value in the import file is empty, and in the system, the field was previously filled in for this person, after import the field value will remain the same

For each new person, a user will be created in the system. Users will not be invited to the system yet. You must send invitations separately when you complete all the settings.

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