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How do I configure which leave policies an employee works on?

Written by Anton Resko
Updated 1 year ago

Once you've configured employee holiday calculation policies, you can specify which policies apply to different employees.
There are several ways to assign a policy to an employee.

1. Using the default policy.
In case your company has a policy that applies to all or most of the employees, enable the "Used by default" setting for it in the policy card.
This setting means that the policy will be applied by default for all employees who do not have their personal leave policy set.

2. Setting up the list of personal policies in the employee card.
If the employee does not need to apply the default policies but uses special weekend policies, enter this information on the employee card:
- Go to the "People" section, open the card of the employee for whom you want to configure
- Go to the "Leave management" tab
- In the "Personal leave policies" block of settings, specify the policies for which this employee works

3. Import of data about personal policies from the .xlsx file

This method is useful if different leave policies are applied for many or all employees. For example, employees in different offices have different terms of vacation or sick leave.

The import is performed from the "People" section. You can read more about importing data here.

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