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How to add new leave types?

Leave types, Custom leave types
Written by Anton Resko
Updated 8 months ago

To add new leave types:

1. Go to the Manage profile

2. Go to the Policies section

3. In the right corner click on and go to Setup leave types

4. In the Leave types setup dialog insert the next data:

    - code: LeaveTypeID (uses for services setup)
      title: Leave Type title (the title that displays in system)
      color: '#color in the calendar' (color for displaying in the calendar)
      icon: (an icon that displays in system) 
      enabled: true/false (enabled/disabled leave type)
      showBalance: true/false (show/hide in calendar)


    - code: WorkFromHome
      title: Work from home
      color: '#8987ff'
      icon: home
      enabled: true
      showBalance: true

To use the new Leave type in the system you need to set up accrual policies and service for requests.

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